There are three distinct grease guns available, each with its advantages and benefits. But the real deal comes down to what you need it for and which one will make your life easier in the long term. That is why we have put this article together, so you can get an overall view of each type of grease gun and which one would better suit you and your needs.

Single Lever Grease Gun

Double Lever Grease Gun

The Single lever grease gun has an integrated pressure return system.. With a simple lift of the lever , you can return residual pressure to the grease cartridge. This feature extends the grease coupler and Zerk nipple life. The grease barrel is compatible with 400g cartridges and for bulk filling. Another benefit is that the lock-on grease coupler which doesn’t need to be held and allows both hands to operate the grease gun. Finally, the grease coupler is an easy clip-off, regardless of line pressure build-up.

Double Lever

The Double lever grease gun is similar to the Single, except that a high strength holding magnet allows for one-handed- operation.. If you want a near waste-free greasing system, consider the Double lever grease gun with the Pressure Return Valve and lock-on grease coupler. It is supplied standard with a 700mm (27 ½ ”) high-pressure grease hose.

Foot Operated Grease Gun

Foot Operated Grease Gun

is the perfect tool greaser for big jobs, as it holds up to 282 oz/8 kg of grease. The G.Gun from Gurtech™ contains a patented pressure return valve. Therefore, you can expect the pressure return valve to:

• Save grease
• Extendt your grease coupler life
• Extend the Zerk nipple life
• As well as eliminate dribble and wasted grease.

The rubber foot mounts ensure the device stays put and stable as you pump, and you can leave your hands and arms completely free

Of course, Gurtech™ stocks all of these choices and is more than happy to come on board and help you strategize which grease gun would benefit you and your company the most. With over 30 years in the industry, we have the experience and knowledge to guide and support all businesses with their greasing needs. In addition, our products are highly durable, as we are committed to quality as part of our primary business objective.

To find out more about these products and other options, contact our team now.