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G.Gun, a heavy duty, industrial strength, foot operated grease gun that allows for hands-free and waste-free operation.

Foot operated treadle

No more flat batteries, or dead batteries due to the cold. No more tired arms or hands after greasing. Foot Operated Grease Bucket Pump Gun

Pressure release

Lift treadle to activate patented Pressure Return valve. Grease flows back into the grease bucket, not all over your equipment.

G Coupler™

G Coupler grease coupler fitted standard. Hands-free, mess free grease coupling.


Comfortable, fold away carry handle.

Refill less frequently

Grease Bucket Canister can hold up to 282 oz (8 kg) of grease.


Solid and stable construction. Doesn’t fall over when pumping grease

High Pressure

High pressure pipe (min burst pressure = 1,600 bar) fitted standard.

Patented Two Stage Pump with Pressure Return Valve

• Returns grease under pressure to grease bucket canister. Makes for easy disconnection. • Recovers from airlocks. • Saves grease. • Eliminates Dribble and Mess. • Extends grease coupler and Zerk nipple life.

G Gun – Grease Bucket Pump

Grease is Always Cheaper than Steel

Machine downtime costs!

Nobody wants to struggle with a grease gun pump that is messy, awkward or tiring to operate.

If your grease bucket pump keeps jamming up with airlocks, requiring regular bleeding to clear, it can then be so annoying you simply stop using the tool.

You don’t have to struggle to get your equipment greased thoroughly.

G.Gun, a heavy duty, industrial strength, foot operated grease gun pump that allows for hands-free and waste-free operation.

Experience the UNIQUE, Two Stage Pump + Patented Pressure Return Valve

The two stage pump is activated by pushing down on the foot treadle. The Pressure Return Valve is activated by hooking up the foot treadle, releasing all the pressure in the hose, back into the grease bucket.

Grease Gun VideoSee how easy it is to Grease Your Machine Quickly, Safely + Mess Free


Grease Gun Product InformationGrease Gun Pump Product Information

Frustration free greasing …

Grease gun - wave action eliminates air locks in the grease No more having to stop greasing to clear an airlock in the grease line every so often, wasting grease in the process.

The unique two stage pump creates a wave action that smooths out those annoying airlocks.

The canister holds 176-282 oz (5-8 kg) of grease. That’s 20 standard size grease tube cartridges you need to replace for every one G Gun refill. You spend a lot less time refilling or replacing grease tube cartridges and more time getting your equipment greased.

Hands-free, waste free and mess free greasing …

No more grease coupler getting stuck
The G.Gun grease gun is supplied standard with our patented G Coupler Zerk coupler design. A lock-on Zerk grease coupler that allows for hands-free, mess-free greasing.

No more pumping all your grease around the grease fitting instead of into the bearing joint.

With the standard 6.5 ft (2 m) hose (longer hoses available) and lock-on G Coupler grease coupler, you no longer have to pump in awkward, dangerous and tiring positions. Simply clip on the G Coupler grease coupler and pump from a safe and relaxed position next to your machine.

Quick and easy, high pressure greasing …

Exhaustion free, high pressure grease gunGet your greasing chore done quickly. Typically, it takes only 3-4 pumps to grease a joint thoroughly.

The G.Gun grease gun is foot operated – no more flat batteries on-site. No more worrying about your batteries freezing and going dead on you in an inconvenient place.

Using your foot to pump makes it easy for you to grease a large number of joints before tiring (or having to deal with a flat battery) – it’s much easier than using a lever grease gun.

This grease gun is industrial strength. Able to pump at a rated 690 bar (over 10,000 psi). It will put grease in stubborn fittings that don’t take grease with a hand pump grease gun. This also makes tensioning excavator (crawler) tracks, in the field, a simple job.

Reduce waste and eliminate pressure locks …

G Gun Grease Gun - Reduce waste and eliminate pressure locksAnd talking about pressure. Ever had your conventional coupler lock solid onto the Zerk? Ripped your knuckles trying to get it off?

With the G.Gun, if a hydraulic pressure lock happens, simply kick the treadle up to activate the patented pressure return valve. This allows excess grease in the delivery line to return to the canister. No more grease leaking out all over the ground after disconnection. A clean disconnection, easy as that.

The G.Gun grease gun is ideally suited to harsh environments where regular greasing is essential to machine uptime. Find out where to get your G.Gun today!

Buy your G.Gun Grease Gun at Amazon.com or Buy your G.Gun Grease Gun at Amazon.co.uk

Grease Gun Coupler

Pros: This is easily the best grease gun made. It also makes more pressure and will put grease in stubborn fittings that don't take grease with a hand pump gun. Quality is excellent. Holds approximately a half of a 5 gallon lug of grease. Does not leak all over like every other grease gun. I will never go back to the old cartridge guns. With two people, you can grease a machine in no time and move on to the next and next and next all without running out. Cons: Filling is pretty much sitting down for 15 minutes and filling with a trowel from a 5 gallon lug of grease. It is also pretty heavy when full.

Best Grease Gun Made. Period. - Flinthills "Smallvilleks" (Onaga, KS)

Grease Gun Coupler

"We have marketed the Bell Grease gun for the last 20 years and have found it very effective in greasing our equipment for the benefit of our customers."

Ryan Bland – General Manager Technical Services - Bell Equipment

Grease Gun Coupler

"My G.Guns are critical to my operations. In 10 years, I've never had to replace a single part and they still work beautifully. A great investment"

Bradley Banks, Plant Hire Company

Grease Gun Coupler

My primary motivation for purchasing the G-Gun Grease Gun was to get away from endlessly changing out tiny, little tubes of grease and avoiding the frustration of running out of grease in the field halfway through a grease job on a piece of equipment. The G-Gun performed as expected with the exception that the Lock-N-Lube fitting, which I'm familiar with and use on my other grease guns, is sticky and not working as my other Lock-N-Lube grease fittings. Because of the faulty Lock-N-Lube end, I'm rating the G-Gun four out of five stars rather than five out of five stars.

... get away from endlessly changing out tiny, little tubes of grease ... - Eric

Grease Gun Coupler

I filled by hand from a 5 gallon lug. Filling is a pain, but not difficult. Otherwise this is easily the best grease gun out there. Quality is excellent, and using it to grease way more than makes up for the hassle of using a trowel to hand fill. No more leaky grease cartridges, handles, and empty grease guns every time. It is heavy when full. It cuts grease time in half or more if you grease a lot.

How do you fill the canister? - Flint Hills

Grease Gun Coupler

"Henred Fruehauf is proud to be associated with the Gurtech grease gun, the performance of the product in the market speaks for itself."

Riaan Esterhuizen – National Procurement Manager - Henred Fruehauf

Grease Gun Coupler

I used to feel like dumping the grease directly on the garage floor, instead of going through the pretense of loading up the grease gun. Now, with the addition of this coupling, every single pump of the grease gun goes exactly where you want it. Brilliant.

"Sorry, I thought you could drive" - Chris L

Grease Gun Coupler

"The grease gun is used across our full product range of Volvo Construction Equipment. Our clients have praised the grease gun’s efficiency, reliability and ease of use, even in the harshest operating conditions."

Vishnu Govender – Babcock Parts Sales Manager - Volvo Construction Equipment

Grease Gun Coupler

This product delivers everything it promises. Stubborn grease fittings are no match for the lock and lube tip. The pressure release makes removing the nozzle easy without a mess.

A must have - Farmer

G Gun Grease Gun FeaturesG Gun Grease Gun Features

  1. All moving parts submerged and lubricated by the grease, lasts a lifetime.
  2. Large canister allows regular greasing without endless refilling.
  3. Pressure return valve and standard G Coupler grease coupler prevents grease wastage, saving you on grease costs.
  4. Moving parts create wave action in grease, thus no messy follower plate required.
  5. No troublesome seals to replace – any bypass which may develop, simply returns to the canister.
  6. Clip-on lid keeps rain and dust out.
  7. Carry handle hinges away for easy filling.
  8. Balanced and easily portable.
  9. No external power required. No flat batteries or costly replacement batteries required.

Still have questions? Send us a message, we’d be glad to help you.

Buy your G.Gun Grease Gun at Amazon.com or Buy your G.Gun Grease Gun at Amazon.co.uk

Grease Gun comparison chartGrease Gun – Product comparison chart

Heavy Duty Lever Operated Battery Operated Air Powered (Pneumatic) G.Gun
Lever Action Grease Gun battery-grease-gun pneumatic-gun grease-gun-small
Max pressure From 241 bar/3,500 psi to 1,034 bar/15,000 psi From 414 bar/6,000 psi to 690 bar/10,000 psi From 82 bar/1,200 psi to 517 bar/7,500 psi up to 690 bar/10,000 psi
Qty grease pumped per stroke 0.09oz/2.7ml per stroke Variable Variable 0.09oz/2.7ml per stroke
Qty grease in canister 16oz/0.45kg 16oz/0.45kg Typically 16oz/0.45kg 176-282oz/5-8kg
Standard hose length 1ft/0.3m up to 4ft/1.2m Depends on model 6.5ft/2m
Operation Hand pump Hand (rechargeable battery) Hand (air pressure) Hand or Foot pump
Hands-free operation No No No Yes
Prevents air locks in grease No No No Yes
Pressure return valve No No No Yes
Priming required Yes Yes Yes On first use only
Follower plate/plunger required Yes Yes Yes No

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