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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How strong is the G Coupler (LockNLube™) lock-on?

Q: Will grease discharge from the gun with the coupler unattached?

Q: Will I have enough room around u-joints or through a PTO shield?

Q: What is the outside diameter of this coupler?

Q: Can this work with a regular grease gun without air? Any recommendations on a grease gun? I will using this on my CNC machine. Thnx!

Q: Work in a lot tight spaces, do any of you users find it difficult to use it in tight areas?

Q: Will this fit on a 90 degree grease fitting screwed onto Moog upper ball joint?

Q: Do needle adapter sleeves fit over the end?

Q: How long is this fitting? Not sure it will fit where I need it to.

Q: What exactly does the nitrile rubber seal?

Q: It is just the fitting or does it include the flexible line?

Q: Where is this product manufactured?

Q: After installing it, I couldn’t depress the gun’s pump. What did I do wrong?

Q: How is this product different from Gurtech?

Q: Will this work on various sized fittings?

Q: Does this work with Milwaukee grease guns?

Q: What’s the width of the head or tip of the coupler, i.e. the size of the slide?

Q: What is the highest pressure I can use with the G Coupler grease coupler?

Q: What grease guns, does the G Coupler grease coupler, fit onto?

Q: Is there a follower plate on the G.Gun?

Q: I lost my G Gun service manual. Can I download it?

Q: How well does the coupler handle 000.00 grease?

Q: How much grease is dispensed per stroke?

Q: How long is the greasing pipe? Do you offer longer pipes?

Q: How does the G.Gun compare with competing products?

Q: How do I refill the grease in my G Gun grease gun pump?

Q: How do I change the seal kit on the G Coupler?

Q: Does the G.Gun get air-locks like my current grease gun?

Q: Do you have any comparison between the different types of grease guns available?

Q: Do you have a product sheet for the G.Gun foot operated, industrial strength grease gun?

Q: Can I use the G.Gun in very dusty environments? I’m always struggling with contaminated grease being wasted.

Q: Can I use the G Coupler Grease Coupler to lubricate in very tight places or in recessed fittings?

Q: Are any spare parts available?

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