Lock-on, easy clip off, leak free and frustration free greasing.

Easy Greasing is Thorough Greasing
Versatile Cartridge Adaptor System
Patented Pressure Return System Reduces Waste
Easy one-handed lubrication
Versatile cartridge adaptor system

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Foot Operated Grease Gun

End greasing frustration now with our easy to handle Foot Operated Grease Gun

Double Lever Grease Gun

The grease gun with an integrated pressure return system for use with plastic type grease cartridges

Single Lever Grease Gun

The grease gun with an integrated pressure return system for use with grease cartridges and bulk filling

Lock-On Grease Coupler

Lock-on, easy clip-off, leak free and frustration free greasing

Long Series Lock-On Grease Coupler

Extra length to access hard-to-reach grease nipples

Grease Hose Swivels

In-line swivel allows for easy positioning of the lock-on grease coupler

Lubrication Injection Gun

Lubrication tool for precision greasing applications

Grease Nipple Relocator Block

An easy, quick way to relocate hard-to-reach Grease fittings

Grease Nipple Thread Sizer

The tool to help you easily identify thread specifications for all common grease fittings

Grease Gun Hoses

High quality hose assemblies for Manual grease guns and grease nipple relocators



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Grease Guns

Foot operated grease gun

Double lever grease gun

Single lever grease gun

Lubrication Injection Guns

Lubrication injection gun

Lubrication injection gun set

Grease Couplers

Lock-on grease coupler

Long series lock-on grease coupler


Grease nipple relocator block

Grease nipple thread sizer

Grease nipples

Bulk filler grease scoop

Grease hose swivels

Manual grease gun replacement hoses

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