Grease nipple relocator block
Grease nipple thread sizer
Grease nipples
Bulk Filler Grease Scoop
Grease Hose Swivels
Grease Gun Hoses
Heavy duty swivels suitable for both
manual and battery grease guns.


  • Suitable for most brands of manual, pneumatic and battery grease guns
  • Heavy-duty construction withstands lateral forces
  • Designed to withstand working pressure up to 10,000 psi [690 Bar]

Technical Specifications:

Part No1/8" NPT7/16" UNEF (Coarse Thread)7/16" UNF (Fine Thread)
Weight1.34oz [38g]1.38oz [39gm]1.69oz [48g]
Length1.5" [38mm]1.53" [39mm]1.93" [49mm]
Outer Diameter0.63" [16mm]0.63" [16mm]0.63" [16mm]
Thread TypeMale/FemaleMale/FemaleMale/Female
Hex Nut0.55" [14.0mm]0.55" [14.0mm]0.55" [14.0mm]
Rate Pressure10,000 psi [690 Bar]10,000 psi [690 Bar]10,000 psi [690 Bar]
CompatibilityMost brands of manual and pneumatic grease gunsMilwaukee, Ryobi, Rigid and Alemlite battery grease gunsDewalt and Lincoln battery grease guns

Heavy-duty Swivel

  • Suitable for most manual, pneumatic and battery grease guns
  • Developed to enhance the functionality Patented Lock-on Grease coupler

Use with the Patented Lock-On Grease Coupler

  • Allows for the trigger to be easily positioned for comfortable operation
  • Improves access to hard to reach grease nipples
  • Avoids twisting and damage to grease hoses
  • For best results install on the grease gun side of the grease hose

Design Features

  • Heavy-duty construction withstands longitudinal and lateral forces
  • Rated to a working pressure of 10,000 psi (690Bar)



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Grease nipple relocator block

Grease nipple thread sizer

Grease nipples

Bulk filler grease scoop

Grease hose swivels

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