Foot operated

Double lever

Single lever

The grease gun with an integrated pressure return system for use with grease cartridges and bulk filling.

Technical Specifications:

  • Max Delivery Pressure 5,800 psi (400 Bar)
  • Delivery Rate 0.04 oz (1.2 ml) per stroke
  • Grease Compatibility NLGI consistency numbers 0, 1 and 2
  • Cartridge Compatibility 14 oz. /400 g Lipped cartridge
  • Delivery Hose 20” (500 mm) DIN1283 nylon braided hose
  • Hose Thread 1/8” NPT, 1/8” BSP or M10 x 1
  • Dimensions L 18 1⁄4” x W 5 3/4” x H 2 3⁄4” (L 460 x W 145 x H 70 mm)
  • Dry weight 4.2 lbs (1.9 Kg)
  • Pump Activation: Manual hand lever
  • Pump Mechanism: Self-priming with pressure return valve
  • Grease Coupler: Heavy-duty, high pressure. Max working pressure 10,000 psi(690 Bar). Trigger activated lock-on patented coupler
  • Patents AU2018282292 (others on application)

Patented pressure return system

  • Simply lift lever to return residual pressure back to cartridge
  • Saves grease, eliminates dribble and mess
  • Extends grease coupler life and Zerk nipple life

Patented Lock-On Grease Coupler

  • Ensures delivery into the joint & bearings, NOT around the Zerk
  • Easy lock-on mechanism allows hands-free operation
  • Easy clip-off, regardless of line pressure build-up.
  • Combined with the Pressure Return Valve, you enjoy a near waste-free greasing system

Heavy Duty Grease Barrel

  • Suitable for 400g lipped cartridges and bulk filling
  • Plunger with lock in feature
  • Double lipped follower

Robust Construction

  • Powder coated Lever and Linkage for extended life
  • Heavy duty lever and linkages
  • Grease coupler retainer for
    clean and easy storage
  • 500mm 20” high pressure hose
  • Ergonomic Handle Grips
  • Air Bleed valve



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