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Grease nipple relocator block

An easy, quick way to relocate hard-to-reach Grease fittings.

Technical Specifications:

  • Max Working Pressure 5,800 psi (400Bar)
  • Standard Zerk type grease Nipples
  • Locking swivel 1/8″ NPT thread
  • Two port relocator
  • High Strength rare earth magnet, 1.4″ (36mm) diameter
  • Aluminium body avoids magnetic transfer
  • Easily attachable in an accessible location on the machine.

Use with Standard Grease Hoses

  • 5.0″ (127mm)
  • 12.0″ (300mm)
  • 20.0″ (500mm)
  • 27.5″ (700mm)
  • Or use custom hose length
  • All ports 1/8″NPT

Two Port Relocating system

  • Use a single port or two ports
  • Place multiple relocator side by side to expand the grease nipple manifold as required

Easy Mounting

  • 1.4″ (36mm) Diameter rare earth magnet with high holding strength
  • Attach to any steel plate on the machine with no drilling / welding necessary
  • Easy to move for machine maintenance access

Grease Nipples Easy to Access

  • Makes hard to reach grease nipple easy to access
  • Easy access makes regular greasing an easy job



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Grease nipple relocator block

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Grease nipples

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