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Are you struggling with your grease coupler when greasing your equipment?

With a G Coupler grease coupler, you won’t be struggling anymore.

Here’s why …

The Alemite Zerk grease fitting nipple design revolutionised the chore of greasing joints. Zerk compatible push-on, slotted and slide-on right angle grease coupler designs have been around for over 80 years. This despite various weaknesses.

It was time to take a fresh look at solving these problems. The result? G Coupler. A game changing, patented lock-on grease gun coupler that solves all the above problems – simply and elegantly.

See how easy it is to use - Grease Coupler VideoSee how easy it is to use – Grease Gun Coupler Video


LockNLube Grease Coupler Testimonial ReviewDon’t just take our word for it!

CRAZY INNOVATIVE, I also thought 30 bucks for a grease coupling was just to much!!! But the reviews were so good???

I finally took the plunge.

This is absolutely fool proof, mega grips the fitting, put it on with ease, completely let go with confidence, that sum b**ch is attached for good until you effortlessly release it.

If you have a backhoe like I do, JCB with 72 fittings, half of which, if you don’t force hold the grease gun fitting on, the grease shoots around the fitting not into it, grease guys know exactly what I’m talking about.

This coupler “does not help” eliminate, “IT DOES ELIMINATE” absolutely/completely leakage!!!!!

This thing works so well, now I say they don’t charge enough, it’s that great.

Grease guys, this is the best 30 bucks you ever spent, it makes greasing “Problem Free” I hope the little grease monkey that invented this simple contraption is a millionaire, he/she deserves it!!!

But the reviews were so good?? – Carl Livorsi

Grease Coupler - Hands Free GreasingSee for yourself. No hands, no mess, no wasted grease!

Grease coupler clips easily onto the Zerk for hands-free operation

Activate Trigger to engage – Easy coupling

A patented lever action and sliding sleeve securely locks the G Coupler onto the Zerk, creating a leak proof seal. Grease is delivered into the joint. Hands-free greasing is now a reality. [click image to see how easy it is]

Look, no hands – Easy greasing

See for yourself as the grease coupler is locked on and pumped to 690 bar (10,000 psi) – no hands needed to align the coupler or keep it on the Zerk nipple. No leaking grease. [click image to see how it seals at such high pressure]

Grease coupler attached to Zerk grease nipple and pumped to 690 bar (10,000 psi) - hands-free operation, no leaking grease

Grease coupler attached to Zerk grease nipple and pumped to 10,000 psi - hands-free operation, no leaking grease

Leak proof greasing – even at extreme angles

The G Coupler grease coupler is locked on at 690 bar (10,000 psi) – it’s then forced to extreme angles on the Zerk grease nipple WITHOUT LEAKING. [click image to see how it seals at extreme angles and high pressure]

Activate Trigger to disengage – Easy release

Simply pressing the trigger releases the grease coupler from the Zerk, NO MORE STUCK COUPLERS! No more broken fittings. [click image to see how easy it releases]

Grease coupler unclips easily off the Zerk regardless of pressure

Grease coupler unclips easily off the Zerk regardless of pressure

Reach those recessed zerk fittings with ease

The Extra Length (G Coupler XL) version allows you to reach those zerk fittings that are buried deep. Especially useful for U-Joints, Harvester Heads, shielded PTO shafts, and any fittings buried deep behind a shield.

Replace your existing coupler with a G Coupler and experience easy greasing. Compatible with most grease guns, including Lincoln, PowerLuber, Lumax, Alemite, DeWalt and Plews lubrication guns.

Yes No mess or wasted grease! Grease goes in the joint, not on the machine.

Yes No having to hold the coupler in place while greasing.

Yes No struggling to keep the grease coupler aligned while operating the grease gun.

Yes No ripping your knuckles trying to detach a stuck grease coupler.

Yes Extended service life.

When a tool works well, you’ll use it. Leaking and stuck couplers, are the leading causes of greasing frustration and substandard machinery greasing maintenance. With the G Coupler grease coupler, the grease goes into the joint, not around the Zerk. When you use a G Coupler Grease Gun Coupler, your machines will be well greased, reducing wear and tear. All that for the price of a grease coupler. It’s a No Brainer.

Download the Extra length G Coupler Specifications Sheet (767kb PDF file)

Grease Gun Coupler

Worked well and made greasing my tractor a breeze with almost no mess. Able to pump the grease gun comfortably and the coupler held on each fitting. Would buy again.

Able to pump the grease gun comfortably and the coupler held on each fitting - W Mapal

Grease Gun Coupler

I have to use a flex hose on my grease gun in order to access some of the fittings on my tractors. It's often impossible to get enough pressure on the tip to actually force grease into the zerks. Can't reach some areas to loosen or tighten the tip. This thing immediately solved the problem. Kudos!

Maybe the best $30 I've ever spent - Zoltan the Gypsy

Grease Gun Coupler

Got the coupler yesterday and put it on my gun this morning and went to lube my 135d. THIS COUPLER IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! One of my least favorite things to do is grease machinery just because of how messy you get and having to hold the coupler on. I recently bought an electric grease gun thinking it would help me grease more often and with less mess but due to the coupler still being the same I found that I still got just as messy and was still wasting grease. With this Coupler I am able to lube my equipment easier and with less mess plus grease doesn't escape from the Cupler like normally. I have also found that this coupler allows me to power through some of the more stubborn grease fittings that get clogged often. This is a must have for me and will defiantly be ordering more.

Amazing worth every penny - Hunter Flaugher

Grease Gun Coupler

As an industrial service technician who uses this daily and expects the best...This is it. I love this thing. I can hang upside down off of a crane, lock it on and not have to worry about it falling off.

buy buy buy - Rick Goggins

Grease Gun Coupler

I have a Cub Cadet deck and the front swivels for the deck would not seal with a regular grease gun end and I had to use a needle Type ( pointed end to depress the center of the zerk to grease ) a real pain. This was the first one I tried and it locked right on an 2 pumps and all the grease went in. NO MESS !! I like good grease and it is expensive. This will save me a ton of money over time . I hated greasing before , but now , no big deal and no big mess .

Grease in the zerk, not all over me!!!! - David L. Mann

Grease Gun Coupler

My tractor and attachments have MANY grease fittings that need to be serviced every 10 or so hours. This fitting makes greasing my rig easy and clean with no grease squirting all over the place. Just lubed the u joints on three drive shafts and there was no mess and I am sure they got the necessary lube. Sure wish I had this many years ago.

LockNLube saves grease/frustration - Amazon Customer (Maine, USA)

Grease Gun Coupler

Not something everyone needs, but if you need a coupler to put grease in stubborn joints this is the one. My experience is most bearings will take grease with a regular coupler. This coupler is for the rest of the places grease is needed, that require extra pressure to get it there. Tractors, loaders, dozens stump grinders, where the least amount of dirt, even with daily greasing can plug up a joint. This coupler puts the pressure to the line and gets the grease to push debris back out. $30 is cheaper than the labor to tear down most joints, let alone re-bush, or oversize a joint. I bought this after refurbishing my machine. I wanted to be certain the grease is getting to critical locations. I must say, even after the rebuild my gun pile up grease at the fitting, so I ordered this. With no other changes, this coupler pushed the grease thru the lines. This $30 will keep me from doing another overhaul.

If you need a coupler to put grease in stubborn joints this is the one - DMFN

Grease Gun Coupler

The LockNLube coupler is an amazing leap when it comes to grease-gun technology. Once you use one you will never want to use a grease-gun without it.

My New Grease Gun and Coupler - IveBeenRued

Grease Gun Coupler

This is a GIGANTIC find for all you folks who service your own vehicles. AAA+++

K Pinkert

Grease Gun Coupler

I'm so glad I took the advice of other farmer reviews and bought 2 of these right off the bat. Have been using this for about 3 weeks and love the thing every time I put it on a fitting. On one zerk that would not take I put huge pressure on the OTC grease gun it's attached to and then let it hang from the zerk while shocking the joint with a hammer and it stayed put! Also nice that they include a rebuild kit with purchase. There is one zerk on the combine that is sunk down in a pulley where this would not fit but those types of zerks are rare. Greased U-joints on the pto shaft for the first time without ending up with a handful of grease because the end was at the wrong angle behind the shield. Opened the jaws, clipped it on the zerk and made sure it was locked on good and purged the joint. Easy! Cost seemed excessive until I considered how many conventional ends I'd bought over a year because those kind always leak around the outside within a few uses. With this coupler there's a lot less grease on the floor and around the fitting itself.

A Best Buy! - By MIFARMER

Grease Gun Coupler

Easy to use; best device I've purchased for landing gear maintenance.

Five Stars - B. Funke

Grease Gun Coupler

Every now and then you buy a product that works so well that you don't even care what it costs because it solves a long time nagging problem and works as designed. For me the Lock-n-Lube coupler is one of those products.

Every now and then - J Gayman

Grease Gun Coupler

I am also impressed with the coupler. I've used them for a little over a year now, and they are much better than a standard coupler. We tried greasing the knee joints on a Case 3330 sprayer with a regular coupler. I bet half the grease leaked by the coupler. I remembered reading about the Lock n Lube coupler here on Ag Talk. I ordered one from Amazon to see how it would work. After we got the thing, we put it on one of the guns and tried greasing the 3330 again. It worked great, no grease leaked by and you could grease with one hand, didn't have to sit there and push the coupler on the zerk to keep it from leaking. After our experience with the first one I ordered a couple more. I've had to put the new seal kit in the first one we got. It started leaking some, so I rebuilt it and now it works like new. The seal kit came with the coupler, that's nice that it's included. It's one of the few purchases I've made that actually lived up to it's claims.

Greasing my Case 3330 sprayer - Backlander, Central Texas

Grease Gun Coupler

Greatest grease coupler made...fast shipment...GREAT eBay SELLER!!!

Buyer: Member id hutter2482

Grease Gun Coupler

I got this fitting in the hopes that it help out my everyday greasing and boy has it. This is one of the best tools I have as a heavy equipment operator. My machine has a lot of grease fitting and some are a pain to get into and stay onto but with the lock on fitting it makes every last one a breeze. It makes what used to be a three handed job a pease of cake. I recomend anyone to buy this it will pay for itself in the first use.

Best tool I own - Chris

Grease Gun Coupler

This product is amazing. No grease gets out and there is no mess. How many times have you fought and dreaded having to grease things? With this couple you just lock it in, pump and go to the next one. It even gets all the grease into hard to grease items like lower ball joints and ujoints. It holds up to the back pressure and forces the grease in, not out

This product is amazing. No grease gets out and there is no mess. - Scott S

Grease Gun Coupler

I don't know about you, but I have always found using a grease gun on any bike (or car) a first class pain. Trying to grease the swing arm on an old Bonneville. Who put the grease nipple there? With the chain in the way? I gave up. Trying to grease the steering head on a Road Glide. I gave up. And as for the trunnions on a Morris Minor, well! I gave up. Last month I discovered LockNLube. It is a replacement coupler for the end of your grease gun. It does what it says. It locks on. No need for 3 hands trying to hold the connector on the nipple and squeeze the gun. I greased all the places on all of my bikes that haven't seen a grease gun in years. Even the Morris Minor steering trunnions got done! And no wonder I had never been able to grease them before because it built up a LOT of pressure before the grease forced its way in.

An end to grease gun woes

Grease Gun Coupler

When you lock it on it stays in place & no mess. A ONE PERSON OPERATION. I bought 2 of them. One for a Air grease gun & one for a hand pump.

I wish I had this years ago - Don

Grease Gun Coupler

If you need to grease a lot of fittings this is a great tool because no grease escapes (less mess) so none is wasted. I have a tractor and attachments with many zerk fittings (of slightly different sizeds) that require frequent greasing. This coupler is really worthwhile for my needs.

Works as advertised - Vernon Ritchey

Grease Gun Coupler

I use a skid steer and tree clipper constantly and also have a lot of farm equipment that requires greasing. It used to take 2 people and a lot of cussing to get things greased. This coupler turns it into a one man job. I haven't had any problems with it so far. You put it on the fitting and it stays on without being held and just press the lever and it comes off easily. It is well worth the money if you do much greasing. I am so happy to have found this product. Thank you Lock and Lube!

Relieved my frustration - Doug Kappelmann

Grease Gun Coupler

This product should be standard on every grease gun.

Five Stars - Daniel R Knox

Grease Gun Coupler

I'd gladly trade some of my grease guns for a decent coupler. Oh wait, I did... I bought one of the LocknLube couplers and am now in grease gun bliss. Now that I have the LockNLube coupler I wish the grease interval on the loader wasn't 10 hrs. We need more stuff that needs to be greased daily!

We need more stuff that needs to be greased daily! - J Gayman

Grease Gun Coupler

Works great. You may have to wiggle back and forth, while doing that it will creep itself onto the fitting. I tried another Canadian made one that had a collar that you pulled back. I thought it would be better as it was smaller so you can get into tighter spots. But if the shoulder on the grease zerk wasn't absolutely perfectly clean, it would not grab on. The LockNLube grabbed onto every fitting and never slipped off unless I released it.

Holds on Tight - Allan B. Wilson

Grease Gun Coupler

These are great if you have any equipment. It is a must have. Pays for itself!


Grease Gun Coupler

This grease gun coupler is a very handy tool. I had a hard time greasing my Jeep Wrangler Rock crawler after a run until I bought this coupler. Just stick it, lock and grease it.

This grease gun coupler is a very handy tool - Timothy S. Fischer

Grease Gun Coupler

Without a doubt, one of the finest investments I have made in tools. I can't believe this thing works so incredibly well, and I will join the list of people who rave about it. Yeah its expensive, but this turns a greasing a Caterpillar skid steer and grapple from a 45 minute agonizing ordeal into a 5 minute breeze. If your time is worth anything, or you are paying someone to do it, you will quickly realize what a screaming bargain this thing is. NOTHING, and I mean nothing, works anywhere close to as well as the LockNLube. Don't tell me about how magnificent you are with a grease gun, and how you don't need this. Suck it up and pony up the $30, you will be a convert as well.

Incredible Product - S. Mcafee (Southern California)

Grease Gun Coupler

I am a 5'3" woman. I have arthritis in my hands, and I own a Crane. I was continually frustrated using my Lincoln Cordless Grease gun with greasy hands, trying to hold the grease gun tip on the zirk. There is one task where I need to grease the turret of the crane while operating the swing function, hold the gun, pull the trigger and hold the grease fitting tightly on a zirk and its is really a contortion act to pull that off. Of course there was always a mess of grease to clean up! I mentioned this problem to a family member who recommended LockNLube. I purchased it, and it was quick & easy to replace my old grease tip with this. It was very easy to latch onto the zirk, grease the fitting, and easy to release, plus NO wasted grease to clean up. This is exactly what I needed. If I can manage it, anyone can.

Easy to use & NO wasted grease to clean up! - By CB (Napa, CA)

Grease Gun Coupler

So much easier! It's a little bigger so you need a little more room, but SO MUCH easier to use.

Take the strain out of greasing! - Robert T. Burger

Grease Gun Coupler

Takes the hassle out of equipment maintenance.

Buyer: Shadow

Grease Gun Coupler

They certainly did pass the Lance test....and the Jared test and the Nate test. Some of the zerks they have to get to just plain would never take grease. They do with this coupler. It is a beautiful thing from what Lance says.

Arlette VanWyhe

Grease Gun Coupler

As always, I am skeptical of buying over prices items. I have tried top of the line manufactures grease coupling to no avail. So when I read about this one I figured my $30 all but gone. I was wrong, this is an awesome product that is worth every penny. The company gives you the pay back period in terms of % wasted grease vs the cost you pay for grease, but the fact that parts are actually getting greased makes up the $30 with just the first fitting. I have only reviewed a few product in my life because most products are not worth my time talking about, but this product deserves my time. We have an excavator, Dozer and Articulated haul truck, not to mention our normal tractors and equipment and it saves time, grease and piece of mind on all of them. Great product.

Great Product - Travis

Grease Gun Coupler

Truly does work just as they say. Keeps grease in, no more mess. I have a Dewalt cordless grease gun that this works perfect on. I've tried a lil other cordless guns and Dewalt has them all beat especially in the high output psi department. The two of these definitely work hand in hand.

The. Best. Period. - Cameron Ellingson

Grease Gun Coupler

I bought a coupler at the CAT® store that had an adjustable jaw via a threaded end. It was ok but the lock n lube is superior in nearly every way.

Greasing question, can any Lexion bearings be over greased - Seedcleaner

Grease Gun Coupler

Fits perfect on the manual grease gun I picked up at wally world an grasps just right on my Moog grease fittings with a easy release. Which I'm happy for since last time I used a regular one I got it stuck, got p!ss3d broke the fitting when I snatched it then threw the gun in my field.

Fits perfect on the manual grease gun I picked up at wally world - Justin Smithwick

Grease Gun Coupler

Hooked to my Lincoln 1162 air-powered grease gun, this thing makes greasing an absolute pleasure. WELL worth the money even if you only use your grease gun once or twice a year. Comes with spare jaws should you wear these out (unlikely unless you work at a truck stop or tractor service facility!). Buy it! You'll be glad you did!!!

You'll be glad you did - PHX Ray "captainstark" (Carefree, AZ)

Grease Gun Coupler

Do you grease things? Of course you do or you wouldn't be reading these reviews. I debated this product for some time due to its price. I wish I hadn't, I should have bought ti as soon as I found it. It would have saved me even more time than it already has. I have a tractor with a loader, backhoe, snowblower and mower deck. All together they add up to dozens of zerk fittings that need grease throughout the season. The hardest one to grease though is the backhoe. It has small holes through the arms where you need to insert the grease coupler to get to the zerk. My old coupler would attach but then since it was threaded through a tiny hole in the steel backhoe arm you could not twist it off. So I would have to unscrew the coupler form the end of the grease gun hose to get the thing out. With this new fitting that it is a thing of the past. The locking/unlocking thumb lever makes it super easy to attach and remove. In addition this has helped greatly with stubborn clogged/stuck zerk fittings. With the mechanical attachment the coupler no longer pops off like my old one would when the pressure built up. I recommend this hands down to anyone with a grease gun. Is it pricey? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Put it in your cart already.

Quit debating the price, buy it now - Dierks

Grease Gun Coupler

I used this for the first time. I read one review where the man spoke about how much faster greasing was for him with this coupler. That was my finding. The really difficult fittings to get grease into had to take the grease with this tool. I went from trying to force the coupler to stay (the old way) on to just clamp it on and inject. After my first usage, I concluded this would pay for itself quickly in saved labor. I did turn one right angle fitting a little too be able to get on it. I also had two fittings on the Bob Cat that were inside a cut out hole. Those two were harder. I am thinking of enlarging the holes. I am still giving this 5 stars because it has made greasing so much easier and quicker. I own three lock n lubes now.

Will pay for itself in saved labor - James

Grease Gun Coupler

The coupler arrived a few days after my order was placed, it's in a blister pack. Anxious to try it out, I got a couple of wrenches to remove the end fitting from my Lincoln 1162 Pneumatic gun. Thanks Lincoln for screwing the fitting onto the male threads using a couple of hundred foot pounds of torque! Using two pipe wrenches and a number of curse words, I finally got the Lincoln fitting off and screwed the LockNLube onto the end of the hose, snugging it up with a crescent wrench. The operation of the thumb lever to expand the collet is smooth and easy. I was concerned with the greater diameter of the terminal end but it fit nicely everywhere including pins at the bucket end of the FEL where the zerk is in a counter bore on the sleeve and into the u-joint to reach the zerk fittings located there. Press the thumb lever, slip the collet over the zerk and release. Pump grease and every last bit goes into the fitting, absolutely no leakage. Depress the thumb lever and the head easily removes from the zerk, no resistance at all. I repeated on all the grease points for the FEL and those under the machine, same result, no muss, no fuss. For me the cost which included free shipping was worth every penny. I have wasted a fair amount of grease on stubborn fittings and always suspected that I was not getting sufficient grease into the u-joints which would lead to early failure. This tool does the trick. It is well constructed, easy to use and does exactly what it claims to do. I don't like grease guns, period. They are messy, can be finicky to prime and stray grease just jumps onto me, every time. To at least have the grease effortlessly go where you want it and no where else, without having to hold or depress the hose makes me like my gun, a lot better. You either grease your machine or pay a high price later. Anything that makes this task easier, for me is a very good thing.

Review - LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler - St. Croix, Virgin Islands - Tractor: Kubota L3700SU

Grease Gun Coupler

Very easy to use, clips on securely, no waste, easy to remove. Was about to buy an electric grease gun, but this makes greasing so easy, no need to, saved a whole bunch of Money. Highly recommended.

Just Perfect - ZBG

Grease Gun Coupler

I can't believe how much I like this device......even though it is waaaaay overpriced. It is one of those "why didn't I think of this" gizmos. Sure beats holding the tip on a loose coupler-zerk connection while trying to pump the gun. I don't like the pistol grip guns, particularly as I age and get more arthritis in my hands. My pneumatic gun kept getting clogged to the point where I threw it out in a fit of anger. The only limitation is that it is a bit long and I have had to replace 1 or 2 straight Zerk's with 45 or 90's. It works well and does not leak grease. What more can you ask for (except a lower price)?!

Why Didn't I Think of This??? - Grey Ghost (Amazon.com)

Grease Gun Coupler

These couplers are awesome, will end all of your troubles when greasing!

Rudi Cougar

Grease Gun Coupler

Not much to say except "EXCELLENT", This product is as advertised...If your on the fence, get off it any buy this.

Excellent - Andrew Peck

Grease Gun Coupler

I own a landscape and tree service and always have machines to service and grease. I bought 2 of the Lock N Lube tips and put one on my mobile service truck and one in our shop. The couplers have been in use a couple of weeks and are preforming great. There is less mess and less loss of product , less cost. I think in the time we have used them we saved 3 tubes of grease over the 2 weeks. This is a direct savings of over $10 in 2 weeks. This product will pay for its self. We use about 5 cases of grease per month and service machines such as 60 foot JLG man lifts, Bobcats, Morebark Chippers, dump trucks , and all types of mowing equipment. The only draw back is the we changed out about 10 fittings to 90degree to get the tips in to position. The tip is a little longer than a standard grease gun tip. This was not hard to do and was worth the time to do it. In conclusion this is a great product and will save time, money, and a messy clean up.

Lock n Lube Grease Gun Coupler - Paul Corsetti

Grease Gun Coupler

I use this when I service forklifts. I have used this on a lot of different lifts such as Crown walkies, stock pickers, sit downs, you name it and as long as you can get this on the fitting and the zerk is flowing it gets 99% of the grease into the fitting. Its a great tool and I have all the other guys at the shop wanting to get one and I highly recommend this to all people who service grease fittings. The only cons to this tool is the size of it and slightly on the price. 30 bucks is a teeny bit steep but really after you use it and see how much grease goes into the fitting and not on to the equipment it evens out in the long run.

Fantastic addition to my tools - TheBIGLebowski

Grease Gun Coupler

Well so far not a single person that has bought one that doesn't like it? Wow, they must be doing something right, or this is one he!! of a conspiricy to suck us all in You normally get someone to complain about any product no matter how good it may be.. but this.. sheesh..

locknlube cupler for a grease gun - James KØUA

Grease Gun Coupler

It arrived today and I tested it by greasing the recessed loader fittings on my DK35. At times it is next to impossible to get the gun off those fittings, even with a loosened coupler. The LockNLube works great and I'm glad I got it, even with the $7.95 shipping and Canadian $ exchange rate. I'm sure I'll grease the fittings more often with the new coupler.

Grease Gun and a Screwdriver - KC - Armstrong, Canada

Grease Gun Coupler

Works great at least for getting grease into the steering box on my Cub Cadet GTX 2100 Garden Tractor

Cub Cadet GTX 2100 Garden Tractor - M Morris

Grease Gun Coupler

Works great and easy to use. Beats the heck out of trying to find a third hand when using a grease gun and trying to keep the nozzle engaged on the zerk fitting. Wish I had found it sooner.

Great product, easy to use - Michael Revelle

Grease Gun Coupler

I have several of these now and they are worth every penny I have paid. I have a lot of farm equipment to grease and I have an assortment of grease guns, some with flex hose, some not, some air fed. My biggest complaint with the standard adapters that come with all of these products is the amount of fine tuning required to: 1) either get the thing to stay on the grease fitting OR 2) to get the darn thing off the grease fitting when you are done. I have busted my knuckles many, many times pulling the grease gun off and having it come loose and bust my hand up. The flexible hoses are the WORST. I no longer have any of these problems. Gone. Done. Never to be seen again. This thing does not leak, it does not come off by itself, but it DOES come off very easily when you want it to. This past week I used a flexible tube with this nozzle to pack a bunch of wheel bearings in one of those inverted cone contraptions. I had to exert some heavy force to get the grease down thru the bearing. The coupler stayed right where I wanted it and in fact I could lift the cone up using the coupler to see if the job was done. Cons: The size of the adapter.. Some fittings are thru a small hole down inside the machine and there is no way to get this into the hole or get your hand in there either. But that is a small percentage of the fittings I have to deal with. Cost. Yes, it is a bit expensive, probably costs more then the grease gun you own. But it is worth every penny in my book. I currently own 4 of them.

One of those very special tools that you will never go without once you use it - Kevin J. Pinkerton (Southern Maryland, USA)

Grease Gun Coupler

A joy to use. My blood doesn't boil,I don't throw things anymore. And I don't need 3 hands!

Re: grease gun - locknut

Grease Gun Coupler

The coupler is awesome!! Takes frustration out of greasing my backhoe, thank you!

Eric Hooper

Grease Gun Coupler

Yes, that's it. They're a little spendy, but worth every penny. I use them exclusively on my service truck grease pump and the shop grease barrel, I WILL NOT EVER go back to using conventional grease couplers, I'd pour gasoline on my head, set it on fire, and have a helper put the fire out with a sledge hammer before I did that.

Is this what everyone is talking about? - willie59

Grease Gun Coupler

I wouldn't consider going back to smashed knuckles, wasted grease and the HUGE frustration of working with cheap grease gun couplings again. This thing is a breeze to operate and began paying for itself immediately with time and grease savings. Highly recommend.

Highly recommend to save grease, knuckles and your sanity - Matthew L. Weaver

Grease Gun Coupler

The product works great. But the process of greasing is just a downer. This product turned my greasing from a two person job to a one person job. Highly recommended.

Awesome, awsome product! - Ed

Grease Gun Coupler

Used one of these for about 10 months. Just now starting to leak a little on slightly worn zerks. Now I can put in the repair kit that came with it and go another 10 or 12 months. That is at least 10 times longer than what a standard coupler would last me. I use a grease gun most every day. Great product.

Good lasting coupler - Farm Mechanic

Grease Gun Coupler

Works great and easy to use. Beats the heck out of trying to find a third hand when using a grease gun and trying to keep the nozzle engaged on the zerk fitting. Wish I had found it sooner.

Great product, easy to use - Michael Revelle

Grease Gun Coupler

I have to ditto all of the positive comments on this product. As someone who owns several pieces of excavating, farm, and landscaping equipment, I don't know how I ever maintained al of this equipment without this fitting. Sure saves a lot of wasted grease, busted knuckles, and language that as they say, would make a sailor blush. Although I ordered two the first time, I just ordered another one.

Great Product - Green Rider

Grease Gun Coupler

Great addition to grease gun. Really works well. No need to try and hold on zerk in unreachable places. Excellent!!!

Wish I had years ago!!!!!!!!! - Gary Dafoe

Grease Gun Coupler

Love this! Makes clamping onto obscure and tight clearance zerks a breeze, doesn't pop off if I dont get a good clamp and no more pliers trying to get it to grip.

Love this! Makes clamping onto obscure and tight clearance - John

Grease Gun Coupler

I saw the great reviews of the item and decided to try it. We have an excavator that we often have grease leak out when attempting to grease our machine. Now that we purchased this we don't have any more issues. This thing works great and you only need one person use it. We no longer have one person pumping the grease while the other holds the grease coupler on the nipple. I would buy again. I know it is a bit expensive but it was worth every penny

Works great - Bob Bert

Grease Gun Coupler

Humans don't have enough hands to hold the end of the grease gun hose to the zerk fitting, hold the grease gun and pump the grease. This device locks on the zerk fitting and makes the job very easy.

Makes the job easy - Dr. Nelson Swartz

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G Coupler grease coupler product comparisonGrease Coupler Product Comparison Chart

Standard Push-on Heavy Duty Push-on G Coupler Clip-on
Max pressure ~310 bar / 4,500 psi ~690 bar / 10,000 psi 690 bar / 10,000 psi
Susceptible to pressure lock? Yes Yes No
Replaceable Seal No (discard when damaged) No (discard when damaged) Yes
Service Life? Limited Limited Extended
Part Number GC81001

Grease Coupler FeaturesGrease Coupler Features

  1. Works with all grease gun types: pneumatic, manual and electric (battery).
  2. Works on all metric (DIN) and SAE specification Zerks (grease nipples).
  3. Available in 1/8 inch NPT, 1/8 inch BSP and M10x1 thread.
  4. Works with all grease gun manufacturers, including: Lincoln Lubrication, PowerLuber, DeWalt, Lumax, Alemite, Plews lubrication (Edelmann), Grainger, SKF, Macnaught, ADT, Milwaukee, John Deere, Wilmar, Legacy, Allstar, Sealey, Draper, UMETA and many others.
  5. Simply depress trigger to release. No more stuck couplers.
  6. No need to hold while greasing. Lock-on and free up both hands to operate your grease gun.
  7. Durable, specially formulated rubber seal for longevity under high pressure.
  8. Four hardened spring steel jaws are resilient under high pressure.
  9. Check valve to reduce leakage. When used in conjunction with the G.Gun pressure return valve, you will have an almost waste free greasing system.
  10. Suitable for high-pressure, heavy duty grease maintenance applications.

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Easy greasing is thorough greasing. G Coupler Find out where you can get your G Coupler today!.

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